Best DVD source under 10K Theatris or ayre D1x ?

I have a home theater set up with four martin Logan requests the center channel ,and two additional rear surround scripts .I am running the theta casablanca 2 with the Krell home theater standard 5 channel and a krell fcb300 for the main amp .I am looking to get a high end DVD source that has software and hardware upgradeabilty and the best possible picture for under 10 K .I have a sharp 9000u right now but plan to upgrade to a 3 gun system in the near future .I have heard about both the Ayre D1x with the vr2 processor upgrade and also the brand new Theatris .They both have info on their own websites but I wanted to get some real world opinions .Any advice would be greatly appreciated .Thanks Bill
stay clear of the theatris, it is a very expensive HTPC. No need to spend that much if you go the HTPC route. for HTPC info.
The suggestion of what DVd source without knowing if you will use a stand alone scaler or the built in scaler of a DLP will effect the recommendation.
check out for more info on DVD players and all things HT!
You really should check out the Krell DVD Standard, it has the Faroudja DCDi chipset and the most film-like picture I have ever seen from DVD. It is really stunning.
The new camelot player is supposed to be really good but i would take the Ayre over it. If i were you though i would go with a theta transport and a Casblanca II with the Extreme dacs and use that for audio. Just a thought...