Best DVD+R and DVD RW recodable DVD disks

Hi, what are the best DVD R and DVD RW that people recommend. Usually the ones most mentioned are Memorex, Fuji, Maxell, TDK.
Check out
check out:
Last summer Digital Video Magazine - which is primarily a professional video publication published an article where the various brands of DVD-R & DVD-RW discs were actually tested for data error rates at several test facilities. It was the first such published information on the market that comapared the various brands of DVD media then available. Prior to that time, what little information was available was mostly marketing hype produced by the various media manufacturers.
It should be noted that DVD+R and DVD+RW media were almost non-existant at that time - and few brands were available for testing. Among the DVD-R brands with the lowest data error rates were:
1. Maxell
2. Sony
3. Apple

DVD-RW brands with the lowest data error rates were:
1. Pioneer
2. JVC

I should mention in passing, that I own a media duplication company that has burned well over a thousand DVD-Rs; and duplicated thousands of DVDs, CDs, and CD-ROMs.
I've had virtually no problems of any type DVDs manaufaactured by Maxell, TDK, Fuji, and Apple. All are brands I would have no reservation recommending. Do stay away from "budget - no-name" DVDs. Most are rejects from major disc makers and are unsuitable except for data storage purposes.

Roy, thanks for that site. Its great, it lists all the brands and what places give the best prices.