Best DVD player with DVI??

Looking for the best quality DVD with DVI output to overhead projector. I have a Samsung HD 841 (Price wa right)that came highly recommended but the remote went bust. Will be used with Arcam 200 or NAD receiver, I have both.
I don't mind spending up to $1K.
Any suggestions?

The Denon DVD-5910
Try programming the Samsung into your Arcam remote. It is a learning remote and should be able to control the DVD unit.
OPPO Digital OPDV971H 720p/1080i Upconverting HDTV-Ready DVD Player (also plays DVD-A)

The Most Highly Rated DVD Player in The 2005 DVD Player Benchmark Review

You will not find another unit better looking, and it also now ties the Denon 5910 on the Benchmark review with the latest firmware implemented into the OPPO (this comes standard when you buy a new one).

I own one and it has the best picture I have ever seen. I have compared it to the Denon 3910, Pioneer DV-59avi, Samsung HD841 w/hack, and many others.
Thanks for all the help!!

The Denon is definitely on my list.

I'll try programming the Arcam remote...

Flye...I just bought the Oppo from Amazon...Do you recommend any mods??

By the way, folks, the Oppo is $200. New.
It is the best $200 you'll ever spend, the picture it puts out looks like it should cost many thousands of dollars.