Best DVD Player for around US 2,000

I'm looking for the best DVD Player for around US$ 2K. From my point of view, it got to have Progressive Scan (real progressive, with 3:2 pulldown) and the best black level possible, considering that it will be used with my Sony Plasma Display, which does not have the greatest black level in the market.
I would take a look at the Toshaba SD9200. ALthough I do not own one if these players. I have heard good things.
I love my Sony S9000ES. Owning a Sony, you're probably quite aware of it. It lists for $1500, but can be bought for around $1100.
Flavioleoni: I got your answer, which to me is easy after reading what you have and want to go with it. The sony dvp-s9000es which only retails for $1500. U.S. dollars, and you can buy it less than that. This baby is a proggressive scan dvd player and a sacd player all in one unit and done very well. Yes I did purchase one. You will not find anything on the market that can do what this unit can do in this price range. I am very surprised it doesn't cost more. But I am happy does not. Good Luck.
Thak you. I will seriously consider buying the SONY DVP-S900es.Did any of you heard something about the black level on this equipment? I heard that some DVD player handles black level better than others (some can provide a deeper pure black to the display.
Though both pieces are first rate,the 9200 has a slighty sharper picture with a better black level.One is DVDA capable,the 9000 is SACD ready.This should play into considering both pieces.Another option is to buy an EAD Theatervision used.It has the DVDO chipset in it and is an excellent piece for that price.Certainly not worth 3250.All of them do excellent 3;2 pull down,but the EAD seems to have slightly better interlacing,probably because of the use of DVDO chips versus the Genesis in the other 2 pieces.
Thank You for your advice. I think the EAD Theatervision is selling for under US$ 2,500. Does it worth it? Does the U$ 1k difference between the EAD and the SONY worth paying for? What about the sound performance? I'm considering using the DVD Player as a CD Player also...
Denon DVD 5000. It's discontinued now. You should be able to find it used for $1200 to $1400. It upsamples some CD audio -- read the reviews, has HDCD, is extremely heavy and vibration free, and generates a great artifact picture.