Best DVD player as transport for DAC?

Hi, In using a Bel Canto DAC-1 or other outborad upsampling DAC... what are some recomendations/experience with DVD players as transports? servers? The newer Denon DVM-3700 is interesting because of the multi disc server...and the Sony 7000 has had good reviews....but does not output 24/96. Also the upcomming Sony 9000 DVD/DAD/SACD/CD unit and the Denon 3300 look interesting.
Bel Canto recommends (for the money) the Pioneer DV 525 or the Denon which is essentially a pioneer. One question I have is the Pioneer has been discontinued and replaced by the Dv 333. I don't know if the 333 is as good a transport and has the 24/96 digital output.
I am using a Pioneer DV-414 as transport sending the digital signal to my newly acquired (today) MSB Link DAC III. It sounds wonderful, deeper bass, more resolution, etc. I am quite happy.