Best DVD Player $1000-$2000

Any suggestions for a good DVD player under $2000.00? Also, is it possible to get a good combination DVD player and VCR player? Thanks
Go with the Denon 5900 or the 9000 --- all the Denon's that use the Silicon Image 504 chip for progressive scan are first rate --- both used prices are withing your range and both are great machines - top notch.
Perhaps the Denon and Arcam stuff.
I would suggest the Meridian 596. can usually be had on Audiogon for $2000.00
Another vote for the Arcam fmj27--the one I own. About 14/15 used. Some guy wants 21 for his; an optimist no doubt.
Hi "Marcvictor":

Personally, I've never bought a DVD Player THAT expensive before.

But now, if I were to buy one today, then I would be taking a close look at these three (and not in ANY particular order either. I wouldn't be disappointed with any of them).

(01). Arcam FMJ DV27 (used).
(02). Denon DVD-5900.
(03). Pioneer Elite DV59-AVi.

I don't think you'll be disappointed with THIS selection.

Good Luck

I think my EAD is outstanding
Into the previous mix I'd throw in the Cal Lab 2500. Can be had for under $1,000 on Audiogon. Best of Luck.

I have the Samsung Pro 1000 HD and it is a huge improvment over my Panasonic56 I had before. The one question I have is about your HDTV, does it have a DVI input? If it does there are some new DVD players coming on the market in the next few months you should look at. Check out www.avsfourm under dvd players.
I just bought the Arcam DV-89. It's the best I've seen/heard in the price range you're looking
I'd give my left nut for a Meridian 596....