Best DVD for video and theater sound for 2000

Looking for a state of the art DVD and don't want or need SACD or DVD-A. Any thoughts appreciated
Camelot Technology DVD Players are some of the best.
The perfect vision rated the Arcam tops in your price
This is much cheaper than you're looking for, but the Sony 9000ES DVD (CD/SACD) are supposed to be amazing DVD players and they're selling for $800-$900 new. That may be an option if you're not concerned with their redbook or SACD performance. I don't know how they compare to the smaller companies' offerings.
Check out EAD's TheaterVision P. Should be able to find one in the $1600 range. Will perform as well or better than ANY DVD player on the market.
I agree with the above recommendations. I owned the EAD product and it was great; however, I kept thinking that I paid $1,600 for a really nice Panasonic. I also own the Sony 9000ES and the Kenwood Sovereign DV-5700. The Kenwood can found for $900 new (Tweeters) and has picture quality that rivals the EAD and Camelot. The sound quality of the 5700, in my opinion, is nothing to write home about. However, for me, the most important feature of a DVD player is the picture quality and that is where the 5700 really excels and it does not have the chroma bug! The PQ of the 5700 far surpasses the 9000ES; however, the 9000 (IMHO) does a very good job with both Redbook and SACD. Also, the build quality of the 9000ES is second to none. As long you do not have an excellent (i.e., Pioneer Elite tv or external doubler like a Faroudja) doubler, the Sony will give you a great picture. I intend to use my 9000ES as a transport as soon as I can afford a Faroudja external doubler.

I am also going to put a vote in the hat for the new Arcam DV-88P. It is priced at $2,100.00. But if you shop around, you might be able to undercut that price just a tiny bit.

I owned the Sony 9000es. The high tech look is great but the picture and sound were just so-so. I also posed the same question here a few months ago and seemed to find a common thread in responses regarding the Camelot Roundtable. I did more research and read other forums. I then took the plunge buying a used one for about $2600. Wow! Am I glad I did. The color is truely unbelievable. You really don't know what you are missing until you see what this unit can produce, no jitter or jagged edges, ever. The sound is also breathtaking with a detailed and clean soundstage. Such realism, you feel like you are there.

I have bought and sold lots of equipment, cables and misc. tweeks over the past couple of years but this is by far, my favorite purchase in the system!