best DVD/CD transport/player under $4000

I want to get a DVD/CD transport or player that plays both well, is relatively future-proof (as far as software), and doesn't have unnecessary features (AC3 decoder) or at least is not made more expensive by such features. Does such a machine exist? What about on board jitter reducers?
DENON DVD-5000. Please visit the web site of denon for the details.
Muse Model 9- no competition ($3250-)
The Muse 9 probably this week. Right now the high end CD world is turning over with 24/96 upsampling systems ruling the top end (192/24 is just too expensive right now) So if you buy next month, the name of the best will probably be different. Besides the 24/96 sampling the other new tech spec to look for the the I2S interface between the deck and the DAC.
Sony 7000 or Pioneer 09
try the melos dvt
Used CEC TL-1X for $3K.