Best DVD Burner for Computer?

Please give me your suggestions as I am getting ready to buy one. Leaning to the Sony DRU 510 right now. Thank you.
I have a Sony DRU-510UL, the external version. It is very fast, very quiet, and reliable.

I did encountered two minor problems so far. First, I cannot get it to work with Memorex DVD-RW media. I solved that by switching to Philips DVD+RW.

The second problem was that I connect the burner to my desktop using FireWire. I also have a FireWire scanner connected at the same time. If at any time I have the scanner on, my desktop will fail to recognize the burner unless I reboot the PC. It should not be a problem if you use USB2 connection or you have to remember to make sure all other FireWire devices are off before you trun on the PC.

Overall, I like it and will not hesitate to recommend it.
I agree with Sidssp. Sony 510 sure is a great unit, i`ve had it for 6 months, no problems so far.Plus it`s a universal burner and not expensive.
Plextor PX-708A (internal) or PX-708TU (external), you cannot ask for more. Plextor respected by professionals for speed and reliability and not forgetting it is THE choice of audiophiles as well.

I use only Plextor when it comes to burners.

Check it out at

In the end, only YOU make the choice, not us!

Good luck and happy burning!
I agree with Quadophile on the Plexter nams, however they chose to support the +R an +RW format which is not widely used. Any home DVD player based on the Pioneer laser will only read -R and -RW format. The Sony does both formats.

So does the new Plextor I mentioned! It also does both formats +RW and -RW, and is twice as fast as Sony.

It is the fastest, and best dual format burner on the market (period).
Looks like your one up on me Quad, now I have to sell my Sony.


I am sorry, I am just mentioning the facts. I am also in the same boat like you are most of the time. The damn computer age is really a pain in the butt when it comes to formats. While you are negotiating the deal at the counter the product is already obsolete, and we can do nothing about it. We have to live with it!

If you have never used Plextor before, I assure you you will never buy any other brand of burner in future.

Wish you good luck!

Actually I own a Plexter cd burner, I was excited when I heard about them coming to market with a dvd burner.
They have always been the industry standard, I was upset when I discovered the only supported the + format.
But now I am happy again and will probably purchase thier new unit.
Thanks for the info!
Thanks to everyone for your input, you have really helped this newbie a lot.