Best drive unit?

A hot topic in an age of uncertainty.
What is currently the best drive unit avaible?
First choice for cd/sacd.
Second for cd/dvd/dvd-a.
Ofcourse it's great if it takes every format.

Thanks for sharing opinions and knowledge!
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Actually, "drive unit" is the normal audio term for "raw speaker driver."

For example, my Tannoy System 15 DMT II studio monitors use the 3833GG dual concentric drive unit.

I suppose you mean "digital disc player" or "digital source" or "digital front end."

With regard to your query, there is no "best" in this or any other category, though there are lots of good ones...

A lot of listeners place the EMM Labs and dCS gear at the top of the heap; others would also include the Esoteric X-01; yet others would say you have to modify any stock unit to bring out its best; but I'm sure there's almost as many opinions as listeners.



SACD and all those other formats require different topologies with different laser arrangements as well as format recognition. Therefore, to cover all formats all the way may require more than one box. The "all-in-one" players will give nice sound - but don't compare them to any of the dedicated boxes like the Sony SCD1 (SACD), or Audio Aero Capitole (CD)!

For budgetary reasons I use the Arcam CD73, which IMHO really comes close to the sound of the $2K range! I say this because it is very receptive to power cord changes and covers the frequency spectrum very well. At the least, you should have a dedicated CD player to accomodate the format that is here to stay.

SACD is nice but if you put that same money toward what you would spend on a CD player - you could really go up the Arcam, Audio Aero, or Cary line! By the way, Cary and Arcam both make STRONG DVD players as well!

Check Sound Images at 703-534-1733 for great deals on Arcam, and for the Cary line.