Best drive for PERPETUAL prodcuts

lot's people don't know what's the best drive for this combo
i try 2 models with I2S audio magic MR cable ,the "vintage" audio alchemy DDS PRO and the MUSE phase 5 with I2S optionnal card output,
i can tell you that the AA is very very very impressive for the price,loss expenssive that the muse
i think the improvement is due to the external power supply of the AA drive.i m now waiting for a P3A with level 2 mods from danwright to compare.
who has compare the P3A with the level 1 or 2 DAC ??
A buddy of mine is getting excellent results (to my ears--very natural, non-fatiguing, musical output) with a (now discontinued)Parasound CDB 2000 transport. However, he is running the P1-A and P3-A combo via I2S Audio Magic cable between the upsampler and DAC.