Best drink while listening to your rig?

Your favorite...
single malts?

For me (at the moment; subject to change in mood):
Single malt: Lagavulin
Beer: Westmalle Trippel
Wine: geessh... Caymus Cab? Nautilus Savignon Blanc (NZ)
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So many good ones listed already. 
My favorite: Glenfiddich 12 neat
Egg cream or Cherry Lime Rickey DUDES!!!!!
I figured you be more like the Fizzies type, ebm. Remember those?
WhistlePig Boss Hog VI (in my dreams). Damn good stuff but beyond my means.
Wild Turkey Rare Breed.
A simple Tito’s and soda with a wedge of lemon and lime.
A bottle of the champagne of beers… Miller High Life.
Whole milk. Or I'm with @hbarrel, Miller High Life, which until recently I could not stand. It's shocking to me, but somehow I've lost my taste for great craft beer.  I was an IPA Guru.  Sigh.  Jeez, I must be gettin' on in years........