Best drink while listening to your rig?

Your favorite...
single malts?

For me (at the moment; subject to change in mood):
Single malt: Lagavulin
Beer: Westmalle Trippel
Wine: geessh... Caymus Cab? Nautilus Savignon Blanc (NZ)
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Ch. d'Yquem?! Oh, nice!! Yes, I can imagine the pairing with a Mozart opera!
Single malt: The Maccallan

Beer: Barney Flats Oatmeal Stout or Sammy Smith's Taddy Porter (Anderson Valley makes a better stout) when I need a black beer to brighten my day, Bridgeport IPA or Fuller's ESB when I want a light beer.
Wine: Any vintage or estate from DRC...
Although I mostly buy Mouton.
Beer: a nice belgian or even a Unibroue from Canada.
Although I would happily share a glass of custodian's Cheval. But I have had 4 vintages og Y'Quem and don't like them for just drinking and listening. Perhaps with dessert or some fresh fruit after dinner while listening to some jazz..
A 40 of OE or Cisco while listening to 50 Cent or NWA. A pint of Guinness while listening to House of Pain or perhaps some Gin and Juice with Snoop and Dre. Ludwig who?
Galeriehughie... which Ch. d'Yquem vintages?! I'll be right over!! 2003 looks like it might be a good year for Sauternes... buying any futures?