Best DIY tube amp kit(s)

I am looking for recommendations for DIY tube amp project kits available from reputable manufactures. First and foremost sound quality; secondly cosmetics and constructability. would apprecaitate any thoughts and/or expierence for this subject.
Take a look at Electronic Tonalities lineup.
I would also look at, Cary Audio is the parent company. Good luck
Atmasphere makes kits for their M-60 MKII OTL amps, and they are very well reviewed. The kit is the same as the production model...but much cheaper. Their address is
Good question! I'd like to know if anybody built any of the kits from the 3 companies mentioned and what was their experience.
I have built two of the foreplays, actually. One is a complete change of circuit: a (tube) constant current source topology, nothing new but I wanted to try something different. Sounds great. The second one is a much prettier (painted per doc's instructiosn) stock version. Only mods are dc on the filaments, gold rcas and the stepped attenuators. Very, very pleased with both. I like building these things. I have some fantasy of selling them off and building more. Joe
atma-sphere has discontinued sale of kits
I have the Paramour, but it will be a while before I can build it. I'm told that the Chinese 2A3's stink, but then I can always get better 2A3's. I'm also going to do a loop out for the RCA's, and an IEC for external power cord connection. I may even use silver RCA's for the inputs, if I can find them (Stage 3 Concepts, perhaps).
If you are looking for pre-amp kit, you definitely should consider Grounded Grid from Transcendent. Their url is: I saw people were discussing OTL kits on their bulletin board, but I only found the pre-amp kit. Not OTL power amp kit. Also, I heard that Transcendent is planning for future product, and I am still waiting to see if they are going to have OTL amp kit.