Best DIY interconnect design.

Which, in your opinion, is the best DIY interconnect design?

Just wondering...
I have been making the stuff DIYCABLE.COM has for years.The original recipes are from people like Bob Crump Jon Reich.Great stuff easy to make sounds as good as stuff 10 times the price.
Jon Risch's SSTP ( Solid / Stranded Twisted Pair ) design sounds VERY good if properly implimented. Even more transparent if you "burn them in". You can take this basic design and substitute various gauge wires to alter the tonal balance to suit your needs. That is, if you wanted something that leaned to one side or the other of neutral. Sean
Hey Sean, did you get an email I sent you? It's about the different cable cookers available. I know your computer has had promlems--and mine too, so I want to check w/you.

I agree with what you've suggested me. I think getting a cable cooker later this year will be a sound investment. The money saved by making my own will pay for the device. What about this one that cooks interconnects, speaker cables and power cords? I think I might just hook my power cords to my refrigerator and leave them for a week each.

I lost my audio links during this week's reformat. What's John Risch's page?