Best divorce album?

The wife and I are listening to Springsteen's "Tunnel of Love" lp and were wondering what other stellar albums of separation or divorce you can think of?

So far we have

Lenny Kravitz - Mama Said
Suzanne Vega - Songs of Red and Gray
Tears for Fears - Raoul and the Kings of Spain

Any other memorable lp's detailing and addressing the artist's relationship dissolution?

(fyi: my wife and I are doing fine)

(The) Fleetwood Mac- Rumors
Marvin Gaye-Here my Dear 
Classic country must be some kind of champion of divorce music, Jones, Conway Twitty to name a couple of many lol. I dont recall weather Charlie pride made any sad divorce songs but if he had I bet they would jerk out a few more tears. Hell of a singer that man whos voice can really get a message across.

+ for Isaac
Roy Orbison

The Stones Honkey Tonk Woman! Because chances are it will be playing during or soon after somewhere lol. 
By genre country I would go with Mark Knopphler and Emmy Lou Harris "if this is goodbye" George Strait - "Easy come easy go"
Rock Led Zepplin -"babe I'm gonna leave"