Best disc on DVD for audio?

What in your opinion is the best "demo" disc for showing off a dolby digital soundtrack? How about for a music DVD? Some of my favorites for the soundtrack are "Saving Private Ryan" and "The Blues Brothers" (remastered). For music, the re-mixed "Yellow Submarine" is pretty awesome. What do you think?
Three DVD's which have some great music are: 1. Talking Heads: Stop Making Sense 2. Pink Floyd: The Wall 3. David "Honeyboy" Edwards: Shake 'Em On Down (available from Acoustic Sounds).
You have not lived until you have heard The Eagles, When Hell Freezes Over. If you have DTS, the intro is awesome.
Ditto for Hell Freezes Over,my next is a tie: JT live at the Beacon,and just as close Clapton-unplugged.If you have a good 2channel system they sound better in 2ch. To me ss is for movies.
I prefer POLICE "Every breath you take the classics" in DTS, The surround mix is not as heavy as Hell freezes over but you get the benefit of great dynamic range in the front 3 speakers.
Thanks for the feedback, I need to check that Police DVD out. Almost all the concerts I have are on LD and I've haven't heard any "music" DVD's yet. Anyone heard Sarah McLachlan's "Mirrorball"? Was the recording any good?
Hi there Trey,Own h'l frz'ovr,etc from above.Also mirror ball.My preference/tastes :too much ambient/stuff going on.With a pure voice like hers'I prefer the studio control.I mean this babe has a voice.But the live stuff on the dvd didn't do it for me.Not like the ones I mentioned above.Maybe rent it first? Wish I had.
You should also check out Steely Dan's new offering, which is kinda Jazzy, but ver well done and nice sounding.
If you check out you can get DVD audio. Normal people think it sounds amazing. You uber-audio guys might notice a difference. :-)
You might want to look at the July issue of "Home Theater" magazine, which ran an article on 10 high quality music DVD's.
Thanks everyone. Thanks Scott, I'll get that July issue. I bought the new Madonna DVD 93:99 and it was pretty "decent". It still has that super high-pitched "whistle" that I have heard time and again from the music DVD format. Although this could be my TV I seem to only notice it on music DVD's. Thanks.
Try Kenny Loggins Live at Redwoods
When I display the capabilities of my system I like to show the opening sequence of "Tomorrow Never Dies" As for music...check out "The Thomas Crowne Affair"
Hands down U2 RATTLE & HUM dVd simply incredible sonics !!!!
Also check out Metallica S&M. It's a 2 disc set with DD5.1 sound and 4 songs with multi angle feature where you can view each member in the band(kinda neat). It sounds vey good also with Michael Kaemen conducting the Sanfrancisco Symphony.
Thanks Toan. I got the S&M set today and listened for about 45 minutes. Stunning...I cant wait till this weekend so that I can listen uninterrupted.
I highly recommend the new DVD demo disc "Ultimate DVD Platinum" available at DTS-online, It supports all the available formats such as 24/96, 5.1, DTS, Pro logic and straight 2-channel. Theres plenty on this disc both sonically and visually and has an excellent extra set-up and calibration disc to boot! Cant go wrong with this one and would be a welcome addition to ANY home theatre set-up. For DVD music demo also you may try "Sounds & Motion Vol 1" great variety to fit most taste buds and is recorded in the 5.1 format.Great Fun!
I want to thank Sdcampbell for the mention of the Honey Boy Edwards “Shake 'Em On Down” in his listing of "Best disc..." on this thread. Of all the DVD projects that I have been involved with, this is the one that I am most proud of. The project and the disc which resulted from the effort, really gives individuals an insight to both the artist and the process involved in creating a recording. Thanks again. Kevin Halverson