Best Dipole surround for $800? Urgent!

I'm going to buy a pair of dipole surround in the next few day and really don't know where or which brand to start out with. Can someone please suggest some of the best dipole to be used for the surround sound around $800? Mucho thanks.
Paradigm ADP surrounds are excellent.
I recently acquired a pair of Fosgate SD-180's for 595.00(original msrp 1800) These are superb dipole speakers and can even be configured to be bipole, if necessary.
Daviddsg, I haven't heard of Fosgate speaker. Do you by chance have their website so I can look at it and its spec? Sharpe49, I'll add the ADP to my audition list. Thanks
Fosgate is now "Citation". I believe the website is The current product designation for the speakers that I'm recommending is: "7.3 Dual Drive Dipole Surround Speaker". Happy listening.
I use Phase Technology PC Surrounds. Can be either bipolar, or dipolar. Sound great handle lots of power, and can be hung on the wall indiscretely to help the WAF (wife allowance factor)...
I also agree with Dstewart on this one. I also own a pair of Phase Tech PC Surrounds and would put them up against all-comers in this price range. Good Luck in your search!
You should check out the B&W DS6 which are THX certified for $600. I have them and they are very good.
Acarian Systems Alon Centris Surrounds.