Best Digital source - HE2005

For the last year and a half, I was on the search for the ultimate digital source out there. I auditioned the Burmester 011, the DCS, and Boulder. All sounded really good, and when it comes to that level, it is really a matter of taste. If you haven't had the chance listening to any of these sources, one has to appreciate that all are excellent. However, in this forum, there is a consensus about the Meitner gear. So, before spending so much money, I had to audition it. I did my way to the HE 2005. As a general role auditions in show rooms have so many limitations, however, I think that I’m able to make this point: Meitner, is a very, very good source. Natural and palpable. However, one of my main reasons to attend the show was to hear the MBL gear. And here come the surprise, at least to me. The MBL (top of the line, 40K) sounded as noting I've heard before. Very realistic, musical as if you could touch the players. I will skip all the audiophilic terms, and get to the point: this is The best source I've ever come across, and by a big margin. If you get a chance to listen, do it!
I agree re: the MBL. I spent some time this morning listening to the new smaller loudspeaker and the new 200 wpc SS monos, and was stunned at how good it sounded.

For me, the best digital had to be Ray Kimber's demonstration of his 4 channel recordings played back using 4 Pass Labs 600 W monos and 4 TAD Model 1 loudspeakers. He also had the new Tascam DSD recorder with him as well. The recording perspective was a little weird in that the mikes were about 10 feet off the deck directly above the performers so you missed the audience perspective, but the resolution, dynamic range and imaging were pretty hard to beat.

I also thought GTT Audio was making some nice music via the EMM Labs playback gear, Kharma 3.2/Kharma sub combo. This was the American debut of Kharma's proprietary Class D power amp, 150 wpc into 8 ohms, all in a very small package.
Slipkont1, it was the second time I've heard the TAD-1, and once again I was amazed by that speaker.
What did you think about the EMM Labs or DCS vs the MBL digital?
I have to be honest. I was so impressed by the mbl 116 speaker/mbl 9007 amp combination, I didn't even ask about the source even though it had a lot to do with what I was hearing. I was in the room on Thursday afternoon and went back just before 10:00 this morning and got some one-on-one time with it.

I was equally impressed with the EMM digital as source in front of the Kharma 3.2 setup. Very musical.

dcs equipment actually went under my radar this time out as I was only able to attend Thursday and had to leave around 1:00PM this afternoon.
I also enjoyed the 9007. It’s not on their web-site; I guess it must be a new amp.
Just needed to pipe in as I am co-hosting the MBL/Kubala-Sosna/Rhapsody room (I'm the Rhapsody part)....anyway, the MBL pieces that we have in the room are not the $40K DAC/Transport combination (1611E/1621A) but the 1521A Transport ($8316 list) and the 1511E DAC ($9,460 List). We also have the single box 1531 CD Player ($8,200) in the system and we have been switching back and forth for smooth transitions in between selections. We are hosting the MBL Reference System "open house" at Rhapsody on Friday (now) and Sat. evenings (Everyone is welcome) where we are playing the 1611E/1621A combo along with the 6010D MBL Reference Preamp and the through both the 101E's and the 111E's.....Regards
To Avantgarde: Aren't the wpc for the 9007 is almost like the 8011?
The 9007 Mono Reference amps are the newest in the Reference line of MBL amps. We picked up the pair that are at the show late the night before the show began. The power rating on the amps has actually not yet been published, although are expected to be in the 250 to 300 Watt rating into 8 ohms. The 9007's are built with the exact same overall ciruit topology as the the 9008's and 9011's. The 8011 Monos or 8011 Stereo although similiar in power ratings are built to a specific price point and are part of the MBL Noble line, which is one level below the MBL Reference line of products...hope this helps.
Guys, the dac/transport I heard on day one of the show must have been the mid-price level and not the reference as I indicated before. How can it get better then that?