Best digital format (non streaming)

So if you take 'bandwidth' (I assume to stream music) and/or file size issues out of the picture: what is the best available digital format of music I can buy (stored on a cd, dvd, chip, usb stick, downloaded to hard drive, etc)? 


As a manufacturer, the transport and DAC still sound better than any streaming device we have tested.  It is close though and getting closer.  What we found for better sound quality is the equipment.  I can modify a transport (CDP) and DAC, but we have not ventured into a streamer at this time.  Upgrading the power supply in many components really helps the sound quality from our experience.  The benefit of having a streamer with all your recorded music is a big convenience though.

Happy Listening.

You can buy high resolution files from a lot of different places, I typically buy from HDtracks and Pro Studio Masters. Occasionally I also buy from Bandcamp. Between the three I can typically find what I am looking for.

CDs ripped and then played from a hard drive, connected to a dac with an s/pdif converter.  IMHO it would sound better than almost all transports connected to the same dac via coax.

Presto Classical doesn't off DSD but has a huge selection of other HiRes downloads.  HDTT is another site and they off DSD

+1@ @arcticdeth. With the caveat that it’d be a cd transport and separate DAC.
My McIntosh MCT also accepts large capacity usb thumb drives. Helps me play my DSD files that don’t play natively through my Bluesound node.