Best digital for under $1500

Any suggestions on the best cd player for under $1500 new? The Creek cd50mk2, the Tjoeb, new Eastern Electric, Jolida, and others are on my growing list, but I'm looking for suggestions. Thanks
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marantz sa-8260...pretty darn good cd player ( close to sacd)nad can be had for $750/$800 new.

the outstanding reviews on the unit on true.

goodd luck,

I'd forego getting a new one in that price range and get a high quality used one, such as a Cal Alpha/Delta (there are others). I've been using one daily for the past 8-9 years w/zero problems - it may not be as resolved in the highs and lows as my BAT but its very "musical", warm and a bit forward in soundstaging. Excellent on vocals, jazz, etc. Some one just put one up for sale for $750 in the 'Gon (not me!).
also marantz sa14 used. or maybe a $500 player with $1k in mods??