Best digital converter $5k under

I have gone on a hunt listening to different setups and by far
The most balanced and , Hi tech,parts build is the Auralic Vega dac
It does everything including DSD,since i had the Bryston dac-1 i listened
To the new dac -2 my friends own both dacs Including the Berkeleydac-2
This dac was developed from several Swiss firms and Taiwan,Hong kong.
The clock is the lowest jitter I have ever seen listed under$10k
It is as good or better sounding then anything Under $8k IMO. It has a very natural warm balance, superb imaging and micro dynamics and excellent sound staging.even my vinyl friends were very impressed and for under $3500 it is a no friend bought it after seeing a review in Computer Audiophile. I am for sure buying one this your homework
And build quality is as good or better then Anything out there even in the $10k range,that is saying a lot !!
A very brief review of your prior posts shows that you've previously pronounced the Ayon CD2, the CD5 and the Skyla DAC to be the finest digital. So are you now saying that this one is superior to those? If I buy this, how do I know you won't proclaim something else superior in the the next 6 months and then I'll be left out in the cold? I can't live that way.

As one of the first Auralic dealers in the country I have to agree with you. This Dac offers remarkable performance for an affordable price point.

I have compared it to many Dacs and you have to spend a least two to three times the Vega's asking price to beat it.

We showed the dac at the last New York Audio show and most people who heard our setup thought our system was one of the best at the show and it was a fraction of the price of the other systems and the Vega was fronting it.

High res files on the Vega are a revelation.
To Chyro, I don't know Audioman, but in my shop I have some of the finest pieces of digtial in the world including, Chord, EMM Labs, Esoteric, Meiner, AMR, Naim, and many others.

I have also been doing this for over 25 years, I have never head a piece of digital this good at this price, with this level of technology before.

The Mytek is a nice dac for its price point but it is no where as advanced as the Vega, but for the price the Mytek is good, I personally find the Chord and the M2 products superb at those price points.