Best Digital cable to match Zanden 5000 DAC

My actual digital cable is a Nirvana digital cable (XLR). I feel know it is time to upgrade.My actual drive i a CEC TLO X. It seem that the Nirvana is simply at is limit. I would like to have a bit more of energy especially in the mid range area to open up the sound. I was thinking of KONDO KSL LPD DIGITAL, STEALTH VARIDIG SEXTET, or SILTECH G6 SIGNATURE.
Any incoming from ZANDEN owners will be appreciated.

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Hi Rocc1007

FWIW, i use a cardas neutral reference. frankly, i do not know the Nirvana but given the company that you are looking may already have surpassed my cardas. i will say that i agree with the direction you seem to be taking...opening up the sound. of course, it is a system-dependent decision. what is the rest of your system?

of the 3 you list, i have spoken to a number of people, Kondo and Stealth seem to be very, very good possibilities.

i use a CJ Act 2, Gryphon Antileon, Sonus Faber Strads, a Velodyne dd18 (in parallel). the rest of my cabling is Transparent Reference. I use a Nordost Thor to power the system...its valhalla wiring actually did add quite a bit of light to the system which i like. my power cables are all PAD Dominus or Ann Contego.

in general, i would not be averse to adding a little more light, transient speed to the system. Cables are a good start for me. please let me know what you think about the digital cables you try! good luck and enjoy.
Hi Roccl007 - Are you still using your Zanden DAC? I am contemplating either getting the Zanden 2000P Ref Transport (second hand!), or going with Stahl-Tek Vekian Opus.

What cable did you end up with? I am using a Valhalla BNC at it is a significant upgrade over my Cardas Neutral...although that is also partly i suspect due to the use of BNC vs RCA into the Zanden.

thanks for any updates!!