best digital cable,sonic frontier STF-1 transport;

HI,guys,just purchased a SF,transport to use with Kora Hermes DAC,my preamp is a VTL,5.5,and belles 350 ref.amp,Gabriel gold rev.IC's and HT,pro9 spks cables,looking for an open sound,detailed.try to use my cambridge 840c as transport,lost sound stage and top end with the 840 and Kora Hermes,Im currently using XLO,low end digital cable.any info.would be greatly apreciated; regards;
Kimber Illuminations D-60 -- available thru Audio Advisor and others, occasionally used on Audiogon, but they get snapped up quickly.
i had a sonic frontiers processor 3 with a ps audio transport and use an illuminati digital cable with great success
Juancgenao, read my Gon review of the Stealth Sextet cable regarding why this one of the best digital cables available on the market today. I auditioned over 8 highly regarded cables to come to this conclusion. If, your interested in auditioning/purchasing one a dear friend of mine is selling his, his new digital front uses optical cables, so leave something regarding this on your thread and I will E-mail with details.
There are many excellent digital cables available. The D-60 is good but many others are better including the Sextet. I have owned both (BNC D-60 & XLR Sextet). You might also consider some of the Virtual Dynamics digital cables. A more reasonably priced cable you could try is the WireWorld Gold Starlight 5.
IMPO: BNC and XLR terminations are best for digital cables. And, if at all possible, try before you buy.
One thing to consider if you are contemplating higher buck dig. cables, they can be tough to sell so buy something that is popular.
BTW: I'm also using the Gabriels. What do you think?
My favorite are Virtual Dynamics cables. Great digital and analog cables
Juan, what's your price range -- new, used? The Sextet is a great cable but it's pricey. The HT Cyberlight is also wonderful, especially with the new battery pack, at a somewhat saner price. And the Tara One ISM is also quite good -- giving up a little air and ease for a rounder, weightier presentation.

At more reasonable price points, I've been impressed with the Sonoran Lambda and Ridge Street Poiema. And the inexpensive Analysis Plus Golden Oval, the grover and the Straightwire Infolink don't give up all that much, but they do give up some -- how much are you willing to pay for that little extra?
Stealth Sextet. I have tried almost all the big names and this is the best-sounding, IMHO.

I use the SFT-1 transport with a SFD2-MK2 DAC and Ultrajitterbug in my set-up with outstanding results.The connection is with the Kimber D-60,as others reported it is an excellent cable.I happen to have a second SFT-1,that will be used with a ARC DAC-3 in my second rig,a great cd transport.
Try Signalcable Silver Resolution xlr. Very good for under $100.