Best digital cable regardless of

I have been auditioning quite a few digital cables and the best I've heard thusfar is the Nirvana. What is the best digital cable made today? Also, what length do you get if length isn't an issue?
don't believe the propaganda. length is always an issue.
my wife had already weighed in on that one . . . negatively, of course
Soupcon,if you haven't already,you may want to try the acoustic zen mc squared.
I tried the mc2, the kimber d60, nordost silver something, and the top line xlo. Guess I should've included that somewhere in my post. The az is very good, especially for the money, but I feel the nirvana is a step above it. Your mileage may vary. Amazingly, I still have people around me telling me that digital cables 'can't' have a sound; it's just ones & zeroes. Well, either I've got the best ears on the planet, or something else is going on. Every single one of the dig cables I tried had a distinct 'sound.' Why else would someone in their right mind (questionable) spend $800 on a digital cable?