Best Digital Cable for Karik Numerik?

I'm using Linn Karik III Transport & Numerik DAC with CAT sig. MK2, BAT VK-60, and Avalon Avatar. My question to you Audiophiles is "what will be the best digital cable for my transport & dac. Currently, I'm using Linn original connectors.

Answers are really appreciated.

i have not used the linn eq. but i use theta jade and basic 3a and find the nordost silver shadow or moonglow in the aes/ebu type to work very well .
Acoustic Zen mc=zen has been the digital cable to beat lately and it is only 298.00 list and reportedly more musical than the nordost.Waiting for mine to arrive in the mail so i can only tell you what reveiwers are saying.
Linn usaully has its own of connecting gears. In your case,
I believe your are usig Linn provide BNC digicable and a sepcial analog cable to repress the jitter factor. which cable are you talking? thanks

Hi, Tim.
I'd used Linn provided BNC and RCA cables, and recently changed the BNC cables to Cardas Lightning(actually Cardas RCAs w/BNC connector). The result? Terrific. Much better than before. And I found the Linn original cables are not the best digital for the Karik & Numerik. That's why I'm asking for your help. So give me any kind of advice. That'll be helpful for me to choose a new one. Thanks.

I found the illuminati d-60 to be more revealing than the original cable.
The digital link is a 75 ohm BNC cable. I use the Tara Labs RSC Master 75 ohm BNC cable. I have tried various cables on the clock link and have found that only the stock Linn cable provides the correct sound. I use Nordost Blue Heaven on the analog outs which relates to a smooth spacious presentation. Other cables on the clock link not only seem to screw up the tonal balance but also the pace of the music. The replacement of the 75 ohm cable results in deeper bass and an airer top-end. The stock cable is pretty good throught the mid-range.