Best digital cable for Aurender N10

Hello there,

I’m looking for good resolution with strong bass and dynamics and harmonically rich vocals.

I do not have any experience with Digital cables, when it comes to IC cables I like Tara Labs house sound, 0.8 ISMonBoard (big, saturated) or Zero (more resolution, more details, somehow less bass) comes to my mind as perfect examples.

I have heard that cheaper Shunyata Research SIGMA AES/EBU are great digital cables.

Have anybody got a chance to compare SR Sigma to Tara 0.8/Tara Zero cables ?

What to use AES/EDU (XLR) or S/PDIF (RCA or BNC) versions?

Some people claim that XLR is a way to go some swear that BNC is only alternative.

For now as DAC I'm using AudioAero Capitole mkII player.


I have used many digital cables over the years. Currently, I use a Nordost Odin. You have not given a price range, but it is VERY expensive and better than anything I have ever used. Prior to the Odin, I was very happy with the Stealth Sextet. Others may differ, but I always favored XLR over RCA.

I have heard great things about Odin , way to expensive for me, looking for something below $2k.
At a very reasonable price you could try the Oyaide DR-510 (RCA) or the DB-510 (bnc) digital cables. Their bnc termination has a silver pin. Oyaide also makes a balanced version AR-910.

I would try these first, before spending mega bucks, as they are high quality digital cables.
They don’t sound their best at first. They need some break-in time to open up. Do not judge these for at least a week or two.