Best digital cable $300 or under new or used?

I would appreciate comments and recommendations for the best digital cable for (in following order) imaging and soundstage, accuracy, detail? Comments on Acoustic Zen MC2, Stereovox XV2, Synergistic Research Alpha Sterling?
Plus, Is length really important?
Creative Cable Concepts Green Hornet is one to look into.
Granite Audio - because they are as close to true 75 ohm, TDRed for quality control, as they come.

You would be amazed at how many audiophile digital coaxial cables change the sound from specs as they ain't true 75 ohm. Our Az AV Club tested a bunch of cables a few years back and I hate to say it, but often the more they cost the worse they measured.
Look for a used Stealth Varidig - the original not the new one which is well beyond the $300 mark... True 75ohm and awesome
You may wish to add Audioquest Eagle Eye (75ohm) for digi-coax and AQ Raven for AES/EBU to your list. They both do a tremendous job in all the areas you are looking for.

When I added Eagle Eye for DD 5.1 and DTS from my transport
to surround pre/proc, I was very surprised at how much of a
difference it made in my HT.

Raven from my transport to my DAC was equally stunning.

You can often find these cables in shorter lengths used
on A-gon at your price point of about $300
Cogen Hall EM digital cable if you can find one. Also, K-works makes a very nice cable but they are not easy to find on the used market and are about $500 new if my memory serves me correctly.
I only have experience with the Stereovox vx2 versus the cheap $20 cable offered by Benchmark Media when I purchased their DAC. I am still breaking in a 1.5M Stereovox, but the difference was immediate and not subtle. Considerably more air around the music voices and individual players, greater 3-dimentionality. Looking forward to hearing this cable with 50-100 hours on it.

I use Stereovox XV2 for $150 new it is really great sounding cable, I have had no desire to try more cables I am so satisfied. Also very light and flexible cable design which is a plus.

Few years ago I used AZ MC2 which had beat out several other contenders in $300 price range thought I was set, then I tried much cheaper original Stereovox XV.......MC2 was sold a couple weeks later

Since then I tried XV2 and sold VX a small but noticeable step up, there is a reason these sell for very little discount used!
Zu Ash, 60 day return policy, its as good as it gets.
I second the Zu Ash, it is quite revealing. I compaired it to an older TARA Labs digital cable, I think it was called the CD-1, and the level of increase in detail was not subtile.