Best Digital Audio CDR for standalone CD Recorder?

I just got a used (but factory refurbished) Harmon Kardon CD Recordable. I want to burn cd's at 1X to make the most primo copies possible without bothering with computer programs.

First, does anyone have any general advice/theory/experience in this arena that would care to pontificate at length? ;)

Secondly, what's the best brand/brands of Digtial Audio CDR's available and where are some of the best (read: cheapest) places you can get them online?

Thanks, peeps!
Best and cheapest? Oxymoronic, to me.

I have used gold audio cdrs from MAM-A:

and even better quality (ultradisk) are offered by MoFi:
Best and cheapest? Oxymoronic, to me.

Ok, fair enough! LOL

I guess what I meant to say is, what's the best, and then what's the cheapest price they're available at?
I checked out the links, and wow! Is there anything intermediate? You know, like better than Sony/Philips/Maxell, etc. but not quite as pricey as those other ones? If not, that's cool, just checking...

I'd still like to know anyone else's experience with audio cdr's and their philosophy on them as opposed to recordable cd's, etc.

I'm kind of shocked actually how much things have changed. When I first bought a standalone cd recorder in 2000 or so, it seems like at least half the cdr's out there were digital audio ones that you could use, but in the intervening years it seems cd recorders have vastly fallen out of favor and the available cdr's at stores are a decided minority with the price going far higher than your generic recordable cdr's for computer use only...
As always, there is rarely, if ever, a free launch! You pays fer what you gets....

I have found a significant difference in quality with the gold cdrs as opposed to those from the mass manufacturers. And they definitely last longer as well.

Of course, if you are recording mp3s or other lossy format music, it will not matter. (grin)
I 1st got into CDR because I've always been into my home-made compilations and have 100's of cassettes that I've done over the years so CDR was the logical way to go for me. I started out with the abysmal phillips recorder, it would freeze/fail when I was 2/3-3/4 done and all you could do when this happened was pitch it and start all over! I've owned a Pioneer PDR19RW for 4-5 years and it's worked flawlessly from the get-go. I can record from my PC but, although being faster, I still prefer my old-school ways. Besides, I can't help but think that the sound quality is superior recording from my rig than from my business computer. As far as usage, it's pretty much the same routine as recording with a cassette deck, except you can't make any mistakes!!!;) I'm sure you've heard of CDRW's that allow you to erase and fix mistakes (ala cassette), I've never used one but from what I understand they're nortorious for not playing in any machine other than the one you used to record it. Not good. Have fun, that what all this is supposed to be about!
Taiyo Yuden, or Mitsui Gold.
Taiyo is much cheaper, but Mitsui might sound just a hair better - I would go with Taiyo.

Taiyo sounds better than black ones, and are affordable.
If you google it, you can find good prices for them.

I am curious, how do you like your music now with all the new gears? Are you in sonic heaven? I hope you are enjoying music even more now...