Best DFW Audio Dealers

Good Day-

can you guys suggest the best Audio dealers/retailers in the Dallas/Ft Worth areas?
What are you looking for? Austin has a great one...Ne Plus Ultra...only a 3 hour drive...
I like Audio Concepts. They are located in preston forest shopping center. In business for many years. Lots of 2 channel audio.
Agreed JFrech,

maybe I will have an opportunity to visit Austin TX.

I will check out Audio Concepts- Docdan50.

Any other suggestions?
John Fort Audio Video in Dallas. []
Another one, sorry should have thought of this also is porterhouse audio, he specializes in a few lines but has excellent knowledge and has a great group that usually listens at his home on Tues evenings....just off NW hwy and of the very best hi fi systems I've ever heard in Alberts home...
Thanks! guys. Earlier today I did check out Audio Concepts, as I wanted to demo some Naim gear.

Afterwards, I wanted to check out John Fort A/V, he was not open?
John is a one man operation and is open by appointment and Saturday afternoons. Just give him a call.
Many Thanks! Rdoc.

what gear did you purchase from John Fort?

I am new to the DFW area and recently discovered John through Steve McCormack. I would have liked to purchase Steve's VRE-1c preamp, but could not afford it. I have not yet bought anything from John, but have been in his store for a listen. He is very knowledgeable and has very good ears. He also is a very nice individual.
I did peruse the John Fort website- very impressive line-up of gear. Realistically, which products are in his store?