Best device for adjusting cartridge overhang.

I am getting back into vinyl again and am curious what device everyone finds best for adjusting the overhang of the cartridge. The one I used to like the best was one Stereophile magazine gave out years ago for signing up for a new subscription. Also have used the plastic Dennison and a few others.
Yes, the Denneson "Geometric Soundtracktor" is an excellent device, although rather hard to find. It was distributed by Sumiko, and may still be available from them, although the all-metal version was quite pricey -- around $200, as I recall. I have the plastic version which works equally well, and it originally sold for around $40-50.

There was also a device called the MoFi "GeoDisk" which looked like a heavy turntable platter mat. It also works fairly well, and appears for sale occassionally on Audiogon.

A small company called "Turntable Basics" also makes and sells an alignment and overhang gauge that sells for $20. I bought one, mostly out of curiosity, and found that it works quite well (although not quite as precise as the Dennesen). If anyone is interested, here is the link to the Web site:

I think that Jerry Raskin's Needle Doctor web site also lists an adjustment device called the DB Gauge. I have no personal experience with it, but it might be worth a look.

Last, there is the Wallytracktor, which is one of several products made by Wally (his last name escapes me). Wally's analog adjustment gizmos are very well designed, although expensive, and for the serious analog-head they are probably a good investment (particularly if you have a couple of friends who are heavily invested in LP playback and are willing to split the cost).

In closing, here is a link to a Web page that has some good discussion of devices for adjusting the tonearm/cartridge combo:
Sdcampbell - Thank you for your thoughts and recommendations regarding products available to aid in the adjustment of cartridge overhang.
Bob, I use the Turntable Basics model, and I feel it does the job. Only $20.
Twl - Thanks very much for recommending the Turntable Basics model. I will be sure to check that one out.
I really like the Wallytractor and have kept it after I sold my TT rig. When I get another TT, it will be really nice to have. They are easier and more precise than anything else I have used. I think the price just went up ($150?), which is pretty insane. Wallytractors for certain arms are sold here for ~$60, though, and they are well worth that price. In any case, a mirrored protractor is usually the way to go.
I, too, have used the Turntable Basics model to good effect both setup-wise and budget-wise. I took a flier and bought one via E-Bay and subsequently found that Turntable Basics had a number of other worthwhile gizmos. Worth a look.