Best Desktop Speakers under $500

Will be used mostly for listening to music/podcasts while I work. I will not be getting a sub right now since I'm in an apartment so that is something to keep in mind.

I enjoy nice aesthetics so if they look nice or come in a color other than black, that is a plus for me.

I’d consider active biamped monitors with 5" drivers if on desk; get some nice litle stands like IsoAcoustics. The Mackie CR5X has a cute green trim; well in budget. The IK MTM would be a step up for nearfield from the built-in DSP and D'Appolito layout.
i would see if you can find some Airpulse powered monitors used or Edifiers... there should be something in your price range. I have the Airpulse A200 and they are world class midrange..

Too bad those Decware tiny radials aren't active. They're beautiful to look at and would fit in any decor or setting.

All the best,
They don’t make the best anymore. I’ve got mine.
I will note that the Aon 3’s go lower, are more efficient and are less costly than the Wharfdales are.
However, nothing equals self powered bi amped, like an Alpha 50 Evo, on up.