First week with my new setup and I am pretty psyched with my choice;

Wharefedale Diamond 210 - $220.00 (Crutchfield)
Optoma NuForce DDA-120 - $250.00 (Currently on Sale on Amazon)

I am very impressed with this setup so far. Any other approaches on how to achieve high end sound with these restrictions?

1. Must be SMALL speakers (3" & 4" drivers etc) Diamond 210 - 5-11/16"W x 9-3/16"H x 6-3/4"D

2. Must be SMALL amp if any (my adding machine fits nicely right on top of the DDA-120 - 8.5"x9"x2")

3. Must have a USB input
4. Must be NEW.  No Used.  ( I know this may bother some, but please abide.)