best deck to get vinyl into iTunes?

A friend of mine is thinking about getting a Pro-ject Debut III/USB, and he wanted me to ask. He also mentioned Pro-Ject or Jolida phono stages, but I'll probabyl warn him off of Jolida.
Jolida's american distributor started counterfeiting their products, or so the lawsuit from last year alleges, ,
who knows what you might get when purchasing a Jolida product these days? I know there are ways of telling the difference, the Shanghai products have logos etched into the aluminum face plates and the counterfeits have applied, "glued-on" logos, but the etchings can be faked.
Maybe the website is the real one. I don't know, and I cannot risk a spotty support network on audio gear. Can you? Email contacts at both sites. Who is more responsive?
I've been happy with the responsiveness and support of Mike Allen's JoLida in Maryland ( I really hate to see his compay get smeared. So far as I know, the truth is almost the complete opposite of the claims. Check out this thread for a description of what is going on.

Underwood HiFi and various other reputable US-based dealers carry JoLida US gear. I am not a dealer and have no financial interests (or otherwise) in JoLida.
Do you have a turntable, phono stage and a preamp with tape out, plus a Mac or widows computer with a microphone jack? If so, all you need is a RCA to mini jack stereo and Audacity set to either 24/96 for iTunes playback or 24/48 for portable Apple devices. Make sure you set Audacity for AAC Apple lossless.
I have a friend looking into purchasing the Project Debut III which I believe has USB out...
I just purchased an Applied Research USB Phono Plus that comes with SoundSaver Express Software that I think is a notch above Audacity. You can auto fill in track names for many LP's and the reproduction quality is pretty good. All for $79 bucks.