Best dealer on Ebay to purchase authentic new Oyaide products from

I'm wanting to purchase a set of the Oyaide Focus xlr plugs and don't want to pay the $100 + mark-up from US sellers.  I was going to purchase from Smart Imports of Japan but their site has been down for a couple weeks now and no way to tell if it's temporary or not.   Who are reliably authentic Oyaide sellers on Ebay?  Any other seller recommendations?  Thanks


Hmmm …. OYAIDE lists their distributors and dealers. EBay sellers are not on there.

With reference to the express cautions posted below as graphic examples of the proliferation of counterfeit fakes that includes listings on EBay, You are running a very high risk of buying POS crap build counterfeit OYAIDE fakes too on EBay .


WARNING of counterfeit products

Please be aware of the counterfiet products of Oyaide AC power plugs and IEC connectors!

Currently we have confirmed that counterfeit products with a similar appearance to the “P/C series” plugs are being distributed illegally. The original condition of genuine P/C series plugs before shipping consists of the following:

1) Each plug is placed in our unique Oyaide metal can (except for bulk purchases.
2) A hologram sticker has been placed on the side of the body since 2007.
3) The product neame sticker is now made from aluminum.

Counterfeit products are typically sold with a paper box or without a box, without sicker or plate and are made from different and significantly inferior materials, plating and components. Therefore, please exercise care when purchasing P/C series plugs, and please be sure that you are purchasing from authorized Oyaide distributors and dealers.



” …. Any items selling as "new" or "multiple available" from eBay, Audiogon, auction sites, or 3rd party marketplaces should be considered counterfeit. We cannot cover these items under our factory warranty.….”


“ … Assuming you don’t work here (and statistically, you probably don’t), avoid sites like eBay and AliExpress. Every month we report dozens of obvious fakes using eBay’s reporting system, and nothing ever happens. Not a single post is removed, not a single seller is sanctioned. They just don’t care. AliExpress goes one further by having a broken reporting system. They pretend to have a mechanism for reporting counterfeits, but it is littered with dead links and buttons that can’t be clicked. they REALLY don’t care. ..”

The $100 you think you can save is highly likely a mirage for a crap build fake.

choose wisely ,





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Why not check out VH Audio?   Chris may have exactly what you need without the worry of counterfeit wire. 

The US dealers are charging around $300 for a set and I need 2 sets for a retermination project.  And the cable manufacturer is charging $350 for the service so.....   really would like to get the xlr plugs as cheap as possible and I've bought Oyaide 046's off Ebay in the distant past and they were authentic but, yes, there certainly has been a proliferation of of fakes hence this post.  I will check with VH Audio but expect him to be in the $300 range as well.  Thanks!


I have bought many sets of Oyaide interconnects from this company and they are all authentic Cables – STOKYO they are reasonably priced and the shipping was very quick.

alucard19---the war audio store is exactly what I'm looking for.  Great price!  Thanks for turning me on to them.  

@lcherepkai Your welcome,

I make a lot of my own cables so I buy cable and connectors from all over.