best deal on an affordable tube pre-amp with HT bypass?

Hey folks...

So any opinions on the best deals right now on a tube pre-amp with HT bypass?  I'm looking for something under $1500, used or new.  Would be even happier with something under $1000.

I'll be integrating it into my craigslist vintage special;
Moscode 300 amp
Klipsch Forte speakers
Marantz AV reviever
Vinyl on a Thorens td320

Thanks, audio freaks!
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Check out Musica Bella preamps by Bill Baker of ResponseAudioNY.     High-end gear at affordable prices.   No dealer mark-up. 
If you are handy with soldering and such, I recommend Transcendent Sound Grounded Grid preamp, just $499 for the kit. Has three 12AU7 tubes, and can easily be made to have a HT pass-through.

I built mine with that feature, silver hookup wire, Bent Audio remote volume control, NOS Amperex tubes, Clarity Caps output caps,and Goldpoint stepped attenuator and selector switches. A little under $1000 with my upgrades, but it sounds great.

The bone-stock builds are supposed to be quite good as well, and are an enjoyable project.

Check out Jolida Fusion, $1350 new. Have not seen one come up on AG used. I have one and think it great.

Quicksilver makes one at $1000 new. May need phonostage.