Best DB-25 to 6-RCA Cable

Need to connect a Technics A-10 DVD Audio player to an Adcom GSA-700. Will be using the on boared DD-DTS from the A-10.
I've got a relatively old Rotel pre/pro that lacks a Dolby Digital processor, so I'm using the DD processing from my Pioneer DVD player(mainly used as a tranport to a DAC for 2-channel). Had a hard time finding any, but I eventually found one from Monster Cable and MSB(does anyone know of any others?). I went with the MSB and it sounds ok but a little rolled off on top, but this is probably more due to the DD processor in the DVD player than the cable. I don't know because I've never had the opportunity to compare different cables, but the MSB is probably worth a shot. By the way, I got mine from Northern Audio Exchange by mail and was sent what was obviously a used cable, so beware. Best of luck.

I believe that Straightwire also makes one of these cables. I haven't heard it, but saw it on some stores website. If interested, check out the Straightwire website. I think the price was the same as the MSB.
Monster sells two--both from the Interlink line.
MSB sells one--for about $75.
Tributaries sells one using budget interconnect.
I had a local store assemble a set. Cost me $200 and I'm pleased.
Straightwire is the best. They will create a DB-25 to 6 rca with any interconnect that they sell. It will take about 3 weeks for it to be constructed and shipped. You'll pay about $140 for budget and the sky for some of their top of the line interconnects.