Best Day & Time To Post Ads

Does anyone have a theory on what's the best day and time to post an ad to sell a product on Audiogon?
Not sure, but be advised that during the summer there isn't  much activity in the classifieds.

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2:09 am on Tuesdays or 4:03 am on Fridays.Good luck
Not worried too much on here or eBay when you have normal classifieds.

However if an auction, you need make sure it ends at a sensible time and not something like 3am!

I have found a few times that when I placed an ad Sunday mid morning I had at least offers on it the same day. Even sales same day a few times.

I think it is more dependent on you selling an in  demand product at a fair price than when you list it imho.
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Doesn't matter what time.  Most often it is all about the price.  Too high no interest.  Too low, disdain. 
I guess the mods have completely lost their sense of humour.....

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I have to ask Elizabeth.... Why do you keep posting and then deleting it 10 minutes later?

Obviously your prerogative but very strange.
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