Best day of work ever...

Let me start by saying that my criteria for a good day at the office has been set very very low for the last few months. But today, out of the blue, a co-worker of mine (who happens to be a recovering audiophile and knows I'm into playing vinyl) brings me in a box with some of his old phono gear. Amongst the group was an Accuphase AC-2. I just got through mounting it, and with fingers crossed that the suspension and needle were still OK, sat down for a few albums.

All I can say is that the bar for what defines a good day at work for me has been set much much higher now.
Ears to you!
Your co-worker had good taste in carts too!
Awesome! now treat that coworker to a nice lunch and make his day.
Since he gave me such a nice vintage gift, I'm thinking that to repay his kindness I'll get him a bottle or two of wine that he can age. Lunch will be in order as well.