Best data connection between Wadia 270 and 27ix?

Hi 270/27ix owners,
I've just happily replaced my 861 with a (used) 270/27ix combo and use the optical Wadia ST-link, which comes with the 270. Of course I also use clocklink.
There are many other options for the data link, for example AES/EBU utilizing XLR connection.
What kind of connection and what cable do you prefer? How significant are the sonic differences?
I would get in touch with Steve Huntley at Great NOrthern Sound and ask for his advice on this matter. I know he also has contacts with another company that makes custom glass cable connects that are supposedly better than Wadia standards. Incidentally if you were to go with and a conventional IC you loose the clocklink between the two.

Hope this helps.

Thanks Routlaw,
I'll contact Steve.
Nevertheless, can anybody report his personal experience?
Thanks - Uli
I have always preferred ST glass cable. Wadia was the first to use the ST cable and I am pretty sure Steve will recommend the same. ST cable is commonly used in telecommunication industry and Wadia was started by a group of people from that industry.
You're right.
I called Steve and he confirmed that.