Best DAC w/ HDCD for under $1500

I've built a music server with over 2,000 cd's loaded in .wav format (no compression). I want to run the digital out from my pc to a dac w/ hdcd capabilities, and then to my stereo system. As of now I'm using a Bel Canto DAC2 with terrific results. However, it does not have HDCD. I'd really like to take advantage of the HDCD sound, and am therefore looking for a new DAC w/HDCD. Used or new, would like to keep the price in the 15 hundred or less range. The rest of my system consists of Musical Fidelity A308cr amp/pre/cd and Dynaudio Contour 3.3 speakers. THANKS in advance for opinions.
If you could stretch you budget a few hundred, a fun option might be a pre owned Cary 306-200 CD player. It will, no offense intended, outperform the cd section of your Musical Fidelity and has an awesome D/A converter (3 digital inputs). I had one although I just upgraded to 306sacd. YRMV.
A VAC 22.1 has tubed output stage and HDCD and is an excellent sounding unit. They are hard to find used. I paid around 900.00 for mine used.
HDCD decoding these days is becoming more and more scarce. I don't know if the licensing fees went through the roof after Microsoft bought Pacific Microsonics. I've been told that the hardware decoders are no longer being produced. Cary is using a software decoder. The lack of HDCD on the market today is what's kept me from changing from my Arcam FMJ CD23T. Good luck in the hunt.
Thanks for the input !
Is the software decoder (being used by Cary) inferior to the hardware decoders from the past ?
Thanks again !