Best DAC to go with Aurender N100H?

I am upgrading my digital front end.  I currently have a Logitech Squeezebox Touch with Metrum Octave DAC.  I have pretty much decided on an Aurender N100H streamer, but am undecided on DAC.  Budget is $2500.  I am considering Chord Qutest and a Metrum Onyx.  Has anyone heard the Aurender with either of those DACs?  Any recommendations??

An Aurender N100H will sound good with any dac.

There are way more good dacs then just the ones you have mentioned.

You should determine the kind of sound and qualities you like and what you want to bring out in your system.

The Chords tend toward detail and resolution, good soundstaging but are not known for tone and musicality.

The Meturm’s and NOS dacs are known for an oragnic quality and an ease of listenablity.

If you haven’t purchased a server you may want to look at an server/dac which would combine both pieces into one chassis as well.

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor NJ

Audiotroy, do you have recommendations for a 1 box solution I should consider?
Total budget for streamer plus DAC about $5000 max.  Thanks, Matt

What's the rest of your system?  That should at least help with narrowing down some suggestions.

I really like the Lumin D2 for a one-box solution, and it's under your budget.  You can also get a PS Audio DSD with/ Bridge II for under $5K if you look around for some deals.  Also - the Auralic Vega G2 (if you can find one used) should be high on your list.

If you're set on using the Aurender, then @audiotroy is probably correct - it should sound great with just about any quality DAC.  You'll have to tell us more in regards to what you'd like to accomplish. 

Aurender also makes one box streamer and a DAC, A10 and A100.  Please visit their site to and decide for yourself which one of these best suits your need.  They both are great choices under $5500 and also eliminates the need for a preamp.