Best DAC to also use as a preamp

I'm thinking of selling my Cary tube pre and investing the extra money in a higher quality DAC that I could direct connect with my solid state amp. I'd say below $5K new or used. Thanks!
It's not within your budget, but I am loving my Esoteric D-02 used as a
DA/Preamp direct to the Ayre MXR mono amps!
I am leaning towards trying BEnchmark. Bel Canto is another strong contender. I would also have interest in the usual high value Japanese lines for this these days, like Yamaha for example.

I am particularly interested to hear what others might think about this topic and what some of the pricier and more esoteric options out there might bring to the table, Empirical Audio being one example in particular.

I do think for high end digital in particular that integrated preamp/DAC products in particular can offer a lot of quality and value, as well as products that integrate amp and even speakers in some cases, like Dynaudio Xeo, beyond. I think this (quality/value/integration) is the future direction of high end audio for the most part.

Larrybou said below $5K new or used.

Plus,I'm sure he'd like to have a remote control.
I happen to have a demo Overdrive SE I'm willing to sell.

I used remote control at Newport froman iPad. All player software has digital volume and you only need about 9dB with an Overdrive to adjust for all tracks.

Steve N.
EAR DAcute 192 is superb as DAC and preamp. Has two tubes that can be rolled for change of sound. A very musical, Non-digital sounding DAC.