Best DAC that has a balance control

I would appreciate suggestions for a digital-to-analog converter that has a balance control.

My system is quite simple. I have a digital source, two monaural amps and two speakers. To feed my digital source to each of my amps I am currently using the Benchmark DAC1. That sounds great, but to really get the proper sound stage I need a balance control and the Benchmark does not have one.

I would prefer not to buy a Preamp. In essence my DAC functions as a preamp.

Suggestions are welcome.

Here is a link to my setup:

this is the best dac on the planet
If you don't want to spend that much I have a DAC II with Volumn controll for a lot less
Assuming you're using a computer as your digital source, the Wavelength Audio Crimson USB DAC can be ordered in balanced configuration with volume control. I have it and really love it!

If you need more input flexibility, there's is also the Berkeley Audio Design DAC.
Since the Mac is your only source, why don't you just adjust balance in the Mac?
Oops, I thought you meant a balanced configured DAC....not balance control. I don't know one that has balance control..
dCS Dac's come with a balance control
Sidssp suggests "why don't you just adjust balance in the Mac?"
How can I do that?
Currently I am using iTunes as the software to drive the system.
Is there a way to control balance in the software?

Henry, Normally, balance can be adjusted from the System Preferences/Sound window but after careful reexamination, I realized that once the output device is changed to "Benchmark 1.0", the balance adjustment is removed. So never mind my early post, my mistake.
Is there a way to control balance in the software?

Try Utilities => AudioMidi and adjust the settings.
I have a similar issue. I tried AudioMidi to adjust the balance on my EMU0404, but it's not possible. What are other solutions?
I don't know if this is still interesting, but I have looked for exactly this kind of option in a DAC. I prefer the possibility of having a dac/pre with balance controls. Here are a few I found:
Cyrus DAC XP
Audio Synthesis DAX Decade & Discrete
Audio AĆ©ro Prima Dac (which actually is from the Capitole).
If anyone else has some input it would be very appreciated.
DCS Dac is great choice but keep in mind that every balance control degrades the sound to some extent.
thanks for the input
I'm aware of that, but since I have an assimetric room, which is not dedicated (living room, actually) it's a must at the moment, since I don't want to bother my wife with uneven distances of speakers...