Best dac from computer to tube amp ???? Weiss?

I am looking to upgrade my system again.
I have a Rega dac between a MAC mini computer and an Art Audio Carissa Signature 845 tubed amp with a volume control incorporated into it. I also have a Denon DVD-A1UDCI universal audio/video player that I am not using as much as I use the computer music. Speakers are Dali Helicon 800's.
The system sounds excellent now, but I am thinking that i might be able to improve it in the dac area.
I had a Weiss Minerva awhile ago which did not give me what I hoped for with the Jadis equipment that I owned at that time. I wish I could try one out with my current system just to see if it really performs the way people said it does.
I am open to suggestions on what seems to be working well in systems similar to mine.
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You may want to give an Audio Note DAC a try.
Audio Aero Prima DAC
Lampizator Level 3
Bow Technologies USB DAC

All of them are outstanding.
I am getting theĀ  Lampizator DAC from Poland on Monday to demo for 7 days. Interesting dac.
nice amp....wonder what Joe Fratus would recommend as a dac.
Joe is to cought up on ripping his buyerS off to give any thought on a good Dac.
Sorry Joe that is Caught.

A lot of Dick Heads in the manufacturing of audio gear. Stealing $$$ from customers is worthy of the DH title.
Based on research, the $2495 Tranquility Dac SE is the one to beat...
I agree with Nolitan... based upon personal experience with both the Tranquility SE and Tranquility DACs.

:) listening,

Hate to write this but the Tranquility Dac made me sell my Amarra dac it was so good.

You will be pleased to know that I have a Tranquility on its way to me.
Pro review on the Lamp Dac
I've never had the chance to listen to the Tranquility DAC, but I did audition the Ayre QB-9 and was VERY impressed. I would definitely check it out or some of the other wavelength Tube DACs that have the same asynchrous USB technology.