best DAC for streaming to my 2 channel system?

1000 budget

Will also want to run my Rega Apollo R through it to and once in a while Rhapsody through my Iphone.

Can use a windows or IOS system.

My files are in windows WAV format.
Ok, only you can identify the best DAC for your system by trying several. The best I've had in my system under $1000 has been the Rega Dac. Also, I saw it somewhere being sold at a reduced price. Most of the dacs I've tried have been over $1000.
What do you have now? Are you new to streaming? As mentioned above, your question is hard to answer. Only you can say what sounds "best" in your system.

If you are new to streaming and have no DAC at all, I suppose you just need a place to start. A $1K budget is nothing to scoff at and there are a lot of options out there.

I'd suggest trying to find a local dealer that will do auditions, letting you take a unit home to try it out before you buy something. If you can't do that, stick to the used market, that way you can try something and sell it if you don't like it.

I've found that when I'm trying new gear, it usually falls into one of two categories. Either I like it or I don't. If I don't like it, I either get rid of it (if I bought it) or take it back, if I can. If I do like it, I keep it, until I find something that I like better.

Personally, I really don't think that there is any "best" out there. For me, it's because my tastes change or I just feel like listening to something with a little different character. For me, finding a piece of equipment that suits me is a matter of settling on a piece of equipment that is the best I've heard for right now.

I'd say, do some reading and find out what suits most people and start from there.
I have Odyessey Mono Amps
Accuphase pre c200
Rega Apollo R
Rega RP1 w/blue Ortofon
2ce's with 2 Vandersteen subs

Want to stream from a Mac Book and also run CD player through it.

I dont have choices close to audition and the one I did I liked the way it improved soundstage of the CD player
Well, it seems that you like Rega equipment, and rightfully so. Perhaps whatever it was that you listened to or a Rega DAC would be in order. If memory serves, the Rega will accommodate coax, toslink and usb.

There may be many who will disagree with me, but I've found that once you get into a price range and stick with reputable manufacturers, the question becomes one of what you prefer; and less a matter of trying to avoid crap equipment.

If you can buy used, I wouldn't burn up too many brain cells on this issue. In your budget range, there's lots to choose from and I'd say that ALMOST all of it is going to be at least good.
Wyred4sound dac1 would be a good choice, $995 new. More inputs than most DAcs in this price range, asyncronous USB.

I am currently using a PS audio Digital Link 3 with a M2Tech hiface USB/SPDIF converter which avoids need for a USB cable. As these items can be found used on AG and both could be bought for a total ~$550 it represents a great sonic value. Down side is that the PS DAc only has a single COax input so CD player would have to use the optical. This is also true for the Rega.