Best DAC for primaluna

Getting a primaluna dialogue hp premium integrated to go with my PSB Imagine T2 speakers, PS Audio Perfectwave CD transport, wyred4sound sonos connect streamer....etc. I need a DAC, and a good one. Budget....up to maybe 4 or 5 thousand. Anyone tell me what DAC can give me the timbre and emotional musicality I am looking for? Thanks....James
Only you can determine if a DAC gives you 'the timbre and emotional musicality' that you're looking for.

At that price point, I suggest you audition as many DACs in your system as you can. Only then will you know how it sounds to you.
The PSA DS dac would be on my short list...especially since you already own the PWT. Think peanut butter and jelly via hdmi.  
PS Audio dIrectstream is a contender. I am also looking at the simaudio dacs and the luxman. Just not sure what would be a good match yet