Best DAC for pcm files


I know i am not super top with my question because all discussion turn around the DSD but i have more than 3500 songs in pcm (apple loss less), and i am confortable with the pcm format.

So my question here is pretty simple, i looking for the best dac for pcm audio file format (please don't say DCS it's out of my budget). I want spend around 2500/3000 usd on the used market. Example : weiss 202, berkley aplha dac 2, etc.....

Do you have any recommandation?
Audio-GD Master 7 $2400 new. This is a R2R ladder dac which can be set to non over sampling. Does not do DSD. 24/192 is the highest. I have had a bunch of dacs but this is the best I have ever heard

For "Bit Perfect" conversion of PCM you need a dac that has R2R Ladder Multibit D/A converters. The better implemented the better the sound. many top dac are going back this way again.
EG: If you can afford them just some of the top ones
Trinity Dac
Ypsilon Cdt-100
MSB Platinum
Total Dac
Audial (Peja Rodgic)
AMR top dac and cdp (Thorsten Loschec)
DaVinci Light Harmonic
CH precision
EC Designs

Forget Delta Sigma based dacs, (bitstream,1 bit,Sabre ect) they just don't do PCM (RedBook cd,DVD-A,DXD.) like a R2R Multibit d/a converter can.

Cheers George