Best DAC for over 2000

I recently purchased a PS Audio DSD Directstream DAC. I had the Perfectwave DAC and found it to be very good but the DSD DAC was just phenomenal by comparison. With the upgrade deal I paid 4000 for the DSD DAC (6K new) but now I am wondering if I should also pay to keep and upgrade my Perfectwave for another 3K or just look for another DAC. I have 2 different music rooms and could use 2 DACs. Is there anything out there that compares?
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If you don't need DSD the Audio-GD Master 7 ($2400) is the best dac I have ever heard and yes I have heard the Direct stream
Hello Alan, interesting the Audio-GD Master 7 Dac, what other Dacs have you compared this to. Thanks.
I stopped thinking about DACs once I heard and subsequently bought a Bricasti M1
I stopped thinking about DACs once I heard and subsequently bought a Bricasti M1
EAR Yoshino DAC 4 - does DSD as well.  The most analog sounding DAC I've heard.    It has 4 tube output, very resolving but the midrange is definitely the best I've heard out of a digital component.  
I absolutely love the Exogal Comet Plus. I was skeptical, but there hasn't been any urge to replace the Exogal. This also replaced my Melody PB101 preamp and the Exogal is better. The.bluetooth control is easy and never fails. This has been a joy to listen to music. 

If you only intend to listen to Redbook (pcm) with this dac,, then the Schitt Yggdrasil (bit perfect R2R Multibit) the best way to convert Redbook (pcm) forget dsd dacs.

 And it comes with a 15 day money back trial.

Cheers George 

I suggest you look at the Prism Sound Callia DAC.   I heard the Callia DAC at the T.H.E. Show and liked it very much.  I enjoyed its sound quality and its functionality.  The Callia DAC is fully balanced and includes USB, optical and coaxial inputs.   It also has XLR outputs for connecting to a balanced amplifier.  The Callia DAC also has a volume control for going direct to a power amplifier and a 2nd volume control for a headphone.   A dip switch at the back of the DAC enables you to de-activate the volume control, if needed.  Please see:

I was very impressed its musical sound quality and also the people from Prism Sound.  I ordered the Prism Sound Callia DAC and it is expected in three weeks (estimated).  

I wanted a DAC from a strong, experienced company that would support me and their products.   Of course, the main thing is the DAC had to sound excellent and have the input connections I needed.   These are some of the reasons why I purchased the Prism Sound Callia DAC. 

Agree with Zavato. No dac merry-go-round after purchasing a Bricasti M1. Great direct into compatible amps as well. Awesome dac.

I can't tell you all the different DACs I've owned/tried but once I heard the Bricasti my quest ended. 

(Dealer disclaimer)

I also have a Bricasti M1 SE DAC for my audio system.  It runs direct into my Hypex NCore NC400 Bridged Mono Block class D Power Amplifiers.  I am not using a pre-amplifier.  The Bricasti M1 SE DAC is an excellent sounding DAC and I like mine very much.

The Prism Sound Callia DAC I mentioned above is for my video system using optical (TiVo cable box) and coaxial (Sony Blu-Ry player) inputs only (no USB input).

hgeifman:  Remember to calibrate the maximum output voltage, so Bricasti M1’s volume control is used in it’s top 1/4 of full output, so there’s no chance of "bit stripping" when the volume is use too low.

My friend has one of these and also uses it direct, and he finally got around calibrating the volume so it used almost at max, and he said it did sound so much better then.

Cheers George

Chord Dave.

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You can get volume control if you want it.
You can get DSD if you want it.
I have enjoyed a PS Audio DirectStream DAC for now about 18 months, no plans to change.

My dealer highly recommends the Bricasti M1, thinks it's a step up from the PS Audio.  He's not steered me wrong on any of my purchases.  I'm perfectly satisfied with the PS Audio, but if I wasn't, I'd consider the Bricasti.