Best DAC For My Setup Under $10k

Just wanted to get you thoughts on possible DAC replacements for my system with a budget under $10k (new or used) that would go well with my setup. My system consists of McIntosh MA352 integrated, Wilson Sabrinas, DCS Network Bridge and a Chord Qutest DAC (with a upgraded power supply) which I want to replace. I mostly do streaming for my listening.

Here are my current contenders:
DCS Debussy
Berkeley Alpha DAC 2
DCS Scarlatti (used)

I would also consider all in one systems (streamer and DAC) that would partner well with my gear.

Thanks in advance!

I am also curious why you are not moving up the Chord line of Dac’s I couldn’t believe the performance for the money Qutest Delivered
The Lumin X-1 is an awesome DAC / Streamer.  I have owned the D2, A-1, U1 mini and now the X-1.  I am about to upgrade to a Lampi Pacific and could sell the X1.  If interested to know more about Lumin send me a private email.  
I own the PS Audio Directstream with Bridge II. It is excellent.  But I’ve placed it in a smaller system, because once I heard the Mola Mola Tambaqui, I was toast.  It’s a really really good DAC.  Detailed and clean joined forces with musical and enchanting.  Not thin.  Not dry.  Not clinical.  But not thick.  Not over-ripe.  Goldilocks.  Not one of these DACs that ever-so-subtly rolls off HF to calm down the presentation, which is just laziness.  You can get it for $11,000 or so if you try.  It’s killer.  
You should try the Wyred for sound 10th anniversary dac.The reviewer said it was one of the most analog sounding dacs he's ever heard in his system. I bought one and I totally concur. Very warm and natural sounding. I absolutely love it.
Forgot to tell you the Wyred for sound anniversary dac retails for $4,500 US.